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The next Cellar to Seller Conference and Trade Expo will be held

Thursday 18th October 2012


Twickenham Stadium

Nr London, UK

Cellar to Seller Conference and Trade Expo (the showcase event for manufacturers, suppliers and installers within the cellar/bar) has returned.

A one day conference will highlight the many positive aspects of the pub industry, concentrating on quality of experience from the aspect of Government; Pub Operator; Brand Owner; Licensee, and Consumer. Chaired by Paul Hegarty, who works with a special interest in promoting the responsible enjoyment of beer and who has been a supporter of Cellar to Seller over the years, sharing our view that an holistic approach should be taken by the industry in order to promote quality and sustainability.

Supporting the conference will be a trade exhibition area, profiling the manufacturers, suppliers and installers of cellar and back bar equipment.

The Seminar is intended to bring home to the Pub Operator the message that the production of beer does not stop at the brewery gate but at the point of dispense in the pub/licensed premises. Many Pub Operators do not perceive their premises to be an extension of the brewery and look to front of house to increase trade and profit margins - refurbished lounges / 2 for 1 offers etc, but how many realise that by addressing the issue of dispense - using the correct gas, beer dispense temperature etc, the product being bought can be significantly improved; delivered as the brewer intended and make for a positive experience for the consumer whilst also improving profit margins.

At a time when the Licensee is under increasing pressure to deliver a quality product within the most challenging trading conditions, it is easy to cut corners. Whilst it is sensible to be ever vigilant to areas within the business, which could be wasting money, it is essential that Licensees ensure best practice and safety in the cellar which will, ultimately, translate to quality of dispense to the consumer.

By ensuring best practice and safety in the cellar, Licensees ensure quality of product and maximisation of their profit margins in the pub.

We realise that a seminar on the technical aspects of beer dispense will not attract the commercially minded Operations Managers/Directors but we do believe that, by delivering a programme, outlining the benefits of quality of dispense/"theatre of dispense", aligned with an opportunity to network with the sector delivering the back of house mechanics to ensure this, we can bridge the gap between back and front of house.

The programme calls on the entire "value chain" within the licensed retail outlet - from brewer to consumer - showing how quality of product, environment, consumer experience delivers increased profitability.

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